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Why teaching on

The innovative eLearning platform based on gamification offers thousands of online courses in an international community of curious professionals.
The innovative platform combines eLearning, the most flexible way of learning and teaching in the information economy, with gamified elements that make activities and interactions way more interesting and enjoyable.

Why eLearning?

The market of eLearning keeps growing globally, not only because it makes knowledge accessible from any mobile device, but also because of its flexibility and its convenience in time management and ease of use.

Why gamification then?

Compared to standard (eLearning) environments, platforms that apply elements of gamification increase the total engagement by 68%. Why? Users feel motivated, the productivity increases, and the instant feedback increases the retention rate by 75%.
You'll have at your own disposal unique marketing tools, designed to help you build you own brand.
Gamified education rewards efforts, not just successes!



"Working on the course creation was challenging, but above all a real pleasure, because the team was really supportive in the creation process, and I had the opportunity to create online courses for all the people interested in knowing more about Content Marketing."
C. Skarabot
Web Marketing Trainer
"In this project I had the freedom to develop my courses, and the team gave technical and training support at the highest level with quality and competence. Three aspects make all the difference: trust, respect, and being present. You clearly perceive them from the first contact."
M. Grillo
Mental Trainer
"First, I created a facial gym course by myself, and it has been challenging. Then, we worked together with the team to realise a professional French course. Those disciplines are both my passions and my field of competence, and we still have new ideas for the future. E-learning and E-working together are actually an excellent duo!"
M. Ithurbide
Facial Gym Trainer and French Teacher
"The team helped me create a course from scratch! They are very demanding in terms of quality and they propose very sharp adjustments and improvement to help you deliver the best course. I was so proud of my results!"
Riccardo Russo
Accounting and economics teacher


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