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Preparation for CELTA Teacher Training
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4 hours
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Preparation for CELTA Teacher Training

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Preparation for CELTA is a course designed to help you prepare for the gruelling CELTA course.

This course is aimed to help aspiring teachers of all levels and the course is designed to help in the two areas of assessment which are teaching practice and written assignment.

Whilst CELTA is an entry level teacher training course in English language teaching, the contents of the course and the teaching practicum can be quite daunting. Therefore, this course is designed to help those that are new to English language teaching prepare for what lies ahead in a 4-week intensive CELTA training course.

Having said that, this course is also well suited to teachers with one or two years experience and want to do CELTA to further their professional development.

The following areas are covered in this course.

1. Input sessions - you will learn the CELTA lesson frameworks and how to teach different stages of each lesson framework

2. Teaching practice - you will learn how best to plan your lessons, try lesson planning of your own and gain tips of effectively conducting teaching practices.

3. Written assignment - you will learn the requirements of each written assignments and try doing mock assignments of your own.

By the end of the course, you will have developed comprehensive awareness of the requirements of the CELTA course and give yourself the best chance to earn the highest mark given in CELTA - Pass A

Course Objectives
  • To help candidates prepare for the CELTA teacher training programme
  • To learn how to conduct teaching practices in CELTA
  • To learn how to complete written assignments
Course Target
This course is ideally suited to those who are preparing to enrol on the CELTA programme to become an English teacher
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