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Money management for teenagers
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1,5 hours
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Money management for teenagers

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Finance and Accounting
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Are you someone who didn't have a chance to learn about money in school or at home and had to struggle through adulthood?

If you would like your children to have a different opportunity than you, then this is the right moment to give them the chance to learn about money management at an early age.

This course is designed to help your kids understand better the world of money and what they can do at their age now, so you can help prepare them for the real-life financial challenges.

In this course, teenagers will be taken through 11 videos from which they will learn the most important aspects of money management, how to save, spend and earn. Teenagers are taught the importance of early money management and setting financial goals. Every video highlights the significance of building the habit of tracking their expenses, of earning more than spending. They will be given practical tools on how to apply all the knowledge on a daily basis.

Starting with the history of money and ending up with showing concrete models of how to record finances, this course was made in a simple way, with terminology easy to understand for the young ones. The short scenes between the instructors will keep the students engaged through the 1 hour material and also show them examples according to the topics.

At the end of each video, the student will play the ''Truth or Dare'' game by choosing to either answer a short quiz or to take the assignment related to what was taught in the respective chapter. Both actions are aimed to help the student verify their knowledge and put into practice what they learned.

The instructors, Anastasia and Abdullah assembled the most important information and delivered it in an interactive way to keep your children focused during the whole course. Having a 10 year finance experience, Abdullah made to sure to provide the most reliable insight on money management. Anastasia's experience in public speaking and acting, helped deliver the course's information in a captivating and easy to follow way.

Get this course now and see what your kids can learn from it. Offer them the chance you didn't have, that is to build the habit of money management.

This course has to be watched under the supervision of an adult or a guardian.

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Course Objectives
  • Understand money and how to save it
  • Understand the increase value of money and investments
  • Understanding the elements in daily life related to money such as credit cards,
  • Understanding the difference between wants and needs, consuming and creating
  • Why is important to include charity in kids money management
  • How to track kids expenses
  • How to build the habit of saving and rational spending as a teenager
Course Target
This course is for teenagers between 12 and 18 and anyone would like to understand the value of money
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